Getting What You Want

"Getting What You Want: The 7 Principles of Rational Living," by Robert J. Ringer.

In this book, Ringer outlines seven different principles that he believes you have to live by in order not only get what you want out of life but to find happiness too. These principles are :

1. Base your action on truth

Focus on value, not entitlements

3. Make choices with civility, dignity, honesty, and humility

4. Avoid those who drains your personal resources

5. Rid yourself of major encumbrances

6. Develop the self-discipline to act on intellect, not impulse

7. Learn from bad breaks and move on

When you stop reacting to life, and start acting on life in a rational way, you will achieve what you really want.

Reduce/Increase the size of Ur Nose

You can reduce or increase the size of your nose with nasal contouring, If your nose are in a good condition, no need to do all of this.. Just read it for your info k!! hee.. ;)

A rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is used to enhance the appearance that is used to enhance the appearance of the nose. The surgery is capable of increasing or reducing the size of person's nose, narrowing the span of the nostrils, changing the shape of the bridge or tip of the nose, or changing the angle between your nose and your upper lip. The procedure is also able to be used to correct an injury or birth defect, or even to help relieve problems with breathing.

The most appropriate candidates for a rhinoplasty are those who are looking to improve the appearance of their nose, those who need to reconstruct their nose from an injury or birth defect, and those who have a great difficulty breathing. As it is with any procedure, there are associated risks involved with this procedure. These include, but not limited to nosebleed, infection, or an adverse reaction to anesthesia. After the surgery you may experience small burst blood vessel that can appear as tiny red spots on the surface of the skin. These are minor, but may be permanent. When the plastic surgeon chooses to use an open technique, there will be a small scar that runs across the base of the nose which is barely visible. Most people do not experience any of these complications. You need to make sure you discuss these concerns with a cosmetic surgeon before your surgery to make sure that you completely understand the basic risks along with any other specific risks that may also be involved.

At the initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, he or she will examine your nose and explain to you the procedure along with the risks that are associated with the surgery. Also your doctor will give you various option based on your specific situation. The surgeon will ask you about how you want your nose to look and will talk about what he or she thinks is realistic. This observation will be based on the structure of your nasal bones and cartilage, the thickness of your skin, your age, and the shape of your face. At this time, the doctor will also discuss the different types of anesthesia and the risks that are involved with each one. He or she will also explain the estimated length of your procedure and will inform you on how long you healing period will last. You should feel free to ask the surgeon any questions that you may have so that you can have a complete understanding of nasal contouring surgery.

Serious Environmental Concerns

- Depletion of the ozone layer

- Exploitation of the water resources

- Industrial waste management

An appeal is made to the world leaders and dignitaries of socio-economic, political, environmental, health, business and inter faith field to discuss global issues in an international platform. Ozone layer which is highly important to life is getting affected. They are essential for the absorption of biologically harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiations from the sun. If this ozone depleted what is going to happen of the UV radiations? These harmful radiations will reach the earth and cause fatal effects on the living creatures.

Global warming has brought about a sudden rise in temperature. As a result there is famine, heat waves, drought and deluge. Rapid change in weather conditions has also led to the extinction of species. It may bring an end to he whole world. If it increases at this rate leading to the melting down of glacier. One needs an international platform which provides a frame work for discussion. Arrive at a solution after having shared your thoughts and opinions around the international issues affecting mankind and other living creatures.

Young leaders must make their voices heard in an international arena!

Table Manner

The way you eat and behave at the table is important, it shows your behavior. Here are 9 butler's tips for impeccable manner. Check this!!

1. Let your food cool on its own accord - don't blow it

2. Don't spit unwanted food into your napkin- remove it with your fork and place it on the side of your plate.

3. Never talk with your mouth full - it shows bad attitude.

4. Don't hold your knife poised as if ready to sign a cheque, and don't point with any of your cutlery.

5. A napkin is there to protect your clothes - use it to dab the corners of our mouth but never to polish your teeth.

6. Never cut bread or bread rolls. Break the bread with your fingers and butter a small piece at a time. Breakfast toast is the only exception.

7. Be careful not to insult your host by adding salt before you have tasted your food.

8. When you've finished eating, place your knife and fork or spoon and fork together, vertically. Leave your plate where it is- never push it away from you.

9. Don't get drunk- you'll look absurd

Stay beautiful with beautifuldisguise ;)

Italy eliminated frow WC with 3-2 loss by Slovakia

Slovakia sends defending champs home. Today saw a great game in 2010 WC group F match between Slovakia and Italy at Ellis Park Stadium, and you should definitely watch their game highlight online if you want to see a good match! It was certainly non-stop action!! click here to watch the highlight.

Slovakia striker Robert Vittek scored after 25 and 73 minutes and Kamil Kopunek added a third in the 89th for the WC debutants at a stunned Ellis Park, where Italians flags stopped waving almost from the start.

Antonio Di Natale and Fabio Quagliarella scored late on for Italy but the group favorites were always chasing the game. However, it was too late.

Slovakia's win put through to the second round as Group F runners-up to Paraguay who drew 0-0 with NZ. Italy finished bottom of the section with just two points.

Miswawa was very frustrated... huuuuu... ;(

Prevent Aging Skin Early

With the ozone layer growing weaker by the day allowing the suns UV rays to reach us quicker than ever, the need for sun care and anti aging products has definitely increased as well as our understanding of what our environment can do to our skin and bodies. We all know the importance of using cream with good ingredients for our face, neck and the rest of our body, but the question still remains when is the right time to start being proactive against our aging skin.

The answer is very simple and straight to the point, it is never too early to start. Take for example a company by the name Dermajuv. They offer products that combined the fighting of daily bacteria with the preventative treatment of an anti aging product. Dermajuv offers acne fighting treatments that contain ingredients that kill acne as well as regenerate damaged skin. They offer a neck cream that not only helps with tightening up loose skin but also moisturizers and nourishes the skin. Actually, the Dermajuv neck cream is probably one of their best products in the realm of preventative care.

The reason I say this about Dermajuv neck cream is due to the ingredients that are present in the product. Sesaflash (a gentle tightening agent), Hyaluronic Acid (our bodies natural moisturizer), and Stem Cells (a cell copier for a doubling effect on healing) are among the great neck cream ingredients, that if used at an early age, can cause for a life time of great skin.

This is due to the fact as we age, the natural processes and cells in our bodies that keep our skin young and smooth start to die away due to our daily exposure to the outside world. This leaves wrinkles, lines and extra skin on our face letting us know that our body has finally started to slow down. So, if we start using neck cream like the Dermajuv neck cream at a younger age, we are doubling up on our natural processes and cells giving our body an easier time keeping us youthful. By using a neck cream with the ingredients like Dermajuv neck cream, you are giving an extra hand in handling the environmental elements that age your skin quicker.

By helping your body out sooner, you are giving yourself a lot more time of enjoying a youthful complexion. So, before it becomes too late, and your skin is already to damaged for you to help it bounce back, start using products like Dermajuv line. Mixing daily cleansing ingredients with the right anti aging ingredients to prolong your skin is the way all skincare product should be. Dermajuv neck creams and other Dermajuv products are good example of a company with the right products for the right time. Just do not wait too long to start. Your body will thank you.

Effect & Consequences of Smoking

Click here to watch this video.

As I watch this video I keep on asking myself, Why did this happen? If this incident is ignored as if nothing happen, I can't even picture what future was like. Let's stop it while we still can.

Many nations including Malaysia have emphasized a lot on to stop smoking. But in spite of that people still continue to smoke. (even if government raise the price, they still buy it!! hmm..) This is because they are addicted to it and are not able to get rid of it. But if they think they can, they surely can get rid of the smoking habits.

Before seeing the tips to avoid smoking let us just have a look over the consequences or the symptoms that arises in the human body due to continuous smoking. In the present days, because of smoking one can experience that he or she devoid of taste and smell. Their tongue goes tasteless due to the deposition of nicotine pigments in the taste buds present in the tongue. This occurs during the early stages of smoking.

Then next, the region below the nails of their fingers becomes blackish due to settling of the smaller amounts of nicotine that gets passed to the parts of the body through the blood. Also the lips become black due to smoking.

Then the part below eyes becomes blackish in color due to continuous smoking. These are some of the external factors that are seen physically. But when taken the internal organs into account the damage and effect that is caused is very unimaginable. It creates drastic effect in the body. The internal organs get affected but the consequences are faced and experienced in the later stages of the smoker's life. Some of them are that is results in emphysema and other lung related disorders. Many already know that it induces cancer. But the disorders that many still don't know that smoking causes genetic disorders. It may be shocking and weird to know this. But it is the fact and it has been proved too.

Smoking alters and affects the DNA material of the human body thus affecting the future generation of the individual. This is alarming to know about this. Hence for this at least one should think to stop smoking, but how?

Here are few tips to stop smoking.

1. Take long walks whenever possible and try breathing the fresh air.

2. There is nothing better than meditation. This meditation is to relax ones mind and body from stress and tension. (cause smokers tend to smoke more when they are stress). Hence often do meditation to control the habit of smoking.

3. Attend counseling sessions to create an aversion towards smoking. This is done only by the diversion of mind.

4. Take in regular amount of fluid items to wash of the poison in the body that is caused due to the deposition of the nicotine in the body. (avoid to smoke after eat)

5. Try having a chewing gum or a pepper mint. This may also change the habit of a person.

6. Keep yourself regularly engaged in some work or the other so that your mind does not think and wander to have a cigarette.

Thus, do these simple steps to create an aversion for yourself. For kids, parents are the one who can force them.. they are still kids if you forcing them or not letting them get the cigarette you might be able to stop them.. better late than never..


Portugal crushed Korea DPR (7-0)

Portugal crushes Korea DPR 7-0, the highest number of goals scored at 2010 FIFA WC. Meireles, Liedson, Tiago, Almeida, Simao, and Christiano Ronaldo goals crushed Korea DPR defense.

Just like a scoring machine Portugal scores against Korea DPR just now at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town. The crowd was thoroughly entertained as Portugal scored 7 goals (including me at home.. haha!!); 1 goal in the 1st half and 6 goals in the 2nd half, which makes them as the first team to get the highest number of goals earned in the 2010 WC.

Here, I've attached link for all goals & highlight.
Click here to watch.

Hangi Maori Earth Oven

What is Hangi?
A Hangi is the traditional New Zealand Maori way of steaming food underground. The technique originated from early Maori settlers and is still practiced today because of the unique flavor it gives to the food. The way that a Hangi is prepared is truly unique. The whole process can literally take a whole day to complete. This article briefly explains exactly how a Hangi is prepared in the traditional way.

There is absolutely NO taste similar to a Hangi anywhere in the World. Hangi food is steamed underground. That's right, the food is actually buried in the ground as part of the steaming process.

If you ever visit New Zealand, experiencing a Hangi is an absolute MUST DO. You can't truly say that you've been to New Zealand if you haven't eaten a Hangi.

Here's how it's done:

1. Special volcanic stones are loated as a source of heat to cook the food. Normal stones won't generally do the job because they can shatter or crack during the heating process. Finding the right classification of rocks for this job is absolute crucial to the successful outcome of ANY Hangi.

2.These stones are placed in a fire and heated for quite a few hours until they are white hot. The wood used can alter the taste of the Hangi for good or bad. Natural wood is best there are few special types which give a lonely smoky taste. On the other hand, treated timber or chemicals in the wood can make you sick or poison your Hangi.

3. Dig a Hangi Pit.

4. Fill your Hangi basket with a combination of raw, but thoroughly defrosted, meat, vegetables, stuffing and 1-2 steamed puddings. Hangi baskets are usually constructed of wire or manner for optimum cooking.

5. Transfer the hot stones into the hole. This job requires speed and skill. It takes place near a hot fire and is the most crucial step. Once this transfer has occurred, quickly put the basket on top of the hot stone.

6. Drape the basket with moist sacking cloth.

7. Use shovels to cover the Hangi again with earth until there is no steam escaping.

8. Wait 2-3 hours and dig up the Hangi and 'Hey Presto', you've just cooked your very own Hangi!

Hangi food is typically served as a communal buffet. The food is spread out on a table and people usually help themselves as they please Good Hangi accompaniments include Fried Bread or Rewena Bread (Traditional Maori bread).

There is a lot more specific information you need to prepare Hangi Maori which you can learn when you are there. Don't forget to try this when you visit New Zealand k!!! ;)

ANIME : Stay Updated !!

New updated anime (20 June 2010)

For new episode u can directly download from this post. For all anime episode u can find in my older post title Anime : Download


Angel Beats (ep 12)

Arakawa Under the Bridge( ep 10)

B Gata H Kei (ep 12)

Bleach (ep 275)

Darker than Black OVA (ep 3)

Dragon Ball Kai (ep 61)

Durara!! (ep 23)

Fairy Tail (ep 33)

Fullmetal Alchemist II (ep 60 & ep 61)

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (ep 10 & ep 11)

Hakuouki (ep 5)

Hetalia World Series (ep 12)

House of Five Leaves (new added)

KissXSis!! (ep 11)

K-On !! (ep 11)

Kaichou wa maid-sama (ep 11)

Katanagari (ep 6)

Mayoi Neko Overrun (ep 11)

Naruto Shippuuden (ep 165)

One Piece (ep 455)

Senkou no Night Raid (ep 6)

Shin Koihime Musou-Otome Tairan (ep 11)

Strong World

Tatami Galaxy (ep 7 & ep 8)

Winter Sonata (new added)

Working (ep 10 & ep 11)

Yumeiro Patissiere (ep 35 & ep 36)

wow!! few breast enlargement tips !!!

Wow!!! quite a toughie topics!! I am still not sure that I am writing about this topics but I do sure both men and women love this topics. Ahakz!!So, check this out!!!

For women, breasts enlarge since young, most probably starting at the age of 10. However, the shape and size might be different for different individuals. It actually depends on your body figure, food that you consume daily and type of exercises you perform. Most of the women started to regret once their puberty period has over and their breasts are either too small or out of shape. So, this article will explain to you several tips for breast enlargement and how to maintain your breasts shape.

1. Breast Massage

Massage works best to aid in breast enlargement process. If you know your breast structures well, you will notice that there are certainly fats surrounding the breast part. Thus, massaging technique plays an important role here to push the fats towards your breast. Breast massage also help to make your breast firmer at the same time.

2. Breast Enlargement Serums

Serums do help in enlarging your breast. Most of the serums contain ingredients such as Pueraria Mirificia Extract, Polysorbate, Acetate and Lavandula Vera Oil. Breast elargement serums work by providing bust therapy, a method to move the excess fat towards your breasts to make them look bigger and firmer. Don't forget to get yourself a firming serum as well because your breasts are growing, they are not firm and may become sagging if not properly maintained. Try to visit pharmacies and consult physicians before getting a serum as some might be harmful to your body although you can have firm and volume breasts.

3. Breast Pump

Another advance technology, breast pump can be best used if you are targeting for a fast breast enlargement result. There's a cup to suck your breasts to make them bigger and firmer. This method may be painful for the first few times but the result is guaranteed and proven. There are a lot of breast pumps available and be sure to do a few studies before buying one.

These are some of the ways to enlarge your breasts. A beauty bust line is important to boost up your confidence level especially when you are out with men. Muahaha!!! (devil laugh)

clip earrings in modern era

Today I want to share with you the clip earing that have been invent in this new era. Check it out !!! Clip earrings are all the rage among people of all age groups now. Though there is a glittering arrays of trendy earrings available in the market, they are not as comfortable as clip earrings that promise quality and comfort.

Clip earrings are seldom uncomfortable, and even if one is not accustomed to wearing them, they are easy to get used to. These jewelry items are clasped onto the earlobe, then worn like regular pierced earrings.

The earlobe is the bet one place for the attachment of the earrings. These earrings materials usually made up of beads, precious stones, glass, plastic, metals and other materials. Now, person prefers these earrings because of its property of shining and comfort. Some people is sensitive towards any type of painful pinch so this clip earrings is the ultimate gift from the modern era to them.

For those who love to try new fashion items will find this trend as an unique fashion. Asta la Vista!!! Muaaxx ;)

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Toothpaste's Magic

Toothpaste; it whitens, brightens, remove stains, and restores and protect enamel. But toothpaste's cleaning capabilities work wonders on many things besides our teeth. It's ingredients that help our teeth also can be used to do other things. Here 15 tricks I want to share with you. Check this;

1. Relieve irritation from bug bites, sores, and blisters.
Apply a drop of toothpaste to a bug bite.

2. Soothe a stinging burn.
For minor burn that don't involve an open wound you can use this trick. Apply it delicately to the affected area.

3. Decrease the size of a facial blemish.
Apply a tiny dot of toothpaste to the affected area at night before bed. Wash it off in the morning.

4. Clean up your fingernails
No need to buy nail polish anymore. Save + shiny nails. ;)

5, Keep hair in place.
Don't be surprised. Try this as your go-to product if you're out of regular hair gel. (contain the same water-soluble polymers that many hair gels are made)

6. Scrub away stinky smells

7. Remove stains.
Tough stains on both clothing and carpets can disappear by using toothpaste.

8. Spruce up dirty shoes

9. Remove crayon stains on painted walls.

10. Makes silver jewelry and other silver pieces sparkle.
Don't use it on gold !!

11.Remove scratches on DVDs and CDs.
Apply toothpaste, rub gently, then rinse clean

12. Tidy up piano keys before tickling them.

13. Deodorize baby bottles.

14. Remove the burned crust on irons

15. Defog goggles

I can see how using toothpaste could save me time and money over the course of a year, not to mention help me reduce my shopping time and cleaning-supply collection. You have nothing to lose, try it out k!!! ;)

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HEALTHY LIVING : super-healing foods

Here I want to share foods with super-healing power that maybe some of you don't even know. As we knows, each food provides it's own nutrition. Every food listed here provides multiple healing effects, from fighting cancer to reducing cholesterol. Thus, eat these super-healing picks and start feeling pretty super yourself.

1. Cherries
  • low calorie
  • fight inflammation and cancer
  • inhibit tumor growth and stop cancer cell (quercetin and ellagic acid; compound in cherries)
  • have antiviral and anti bacteria properties
  • anthocyanin; lowering uric acid level in blood (avoid gout)
  • regular consumption; lower risk of heart attack and stroke
In Chinese medicine, cherries are routinely used as a remedy for gout, arthritis, and rheumatism (as well as anemia, due to their high iron content). Plus they’re delicious.

2. Guavas
  • antioxidant lycopene; cancer-fighting (20% more than tomatoes) guavas can be eaten raw or cooked but for tomatoes have to cook because our body can't process it.
  • lycopene also protects our healthy cells from free radicals including; blocked arteries, joint degeneration, nervous system and cancer
  • lower rates of prostate cancer
  • inhibit growth of breast cancer
  • protect against coronary heart disease and stroke ; contains 60% more potassium than banana
  • contains Vitamin C
  • lower LDL and boost HDL cholesterol
  • reduce triglycerides
  • lower blood pressure

3. Beans
  • lower cholesterol
  • regulate blood sugar
  • insulin production
  • promote digestive health
  • protect against cancer
  • 24% less likely to develop breast cancer (if consume twice a week)
  • reduce risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
  • contains amino acid tryptophan; regulate your appetite, aid in sleep, and improve your mood
In Chinese medicine, various types of beans have been used to treat alcoholism, food poisoning, edema (particularly in the legs), high blood pressure, diarrhea, laryngitis, kidney stones, rheumatism, and dozens of other conditions.

4. Kiwifruit
  • contains Vitamin C (double the amount found in oranges).
  • more fiber than apples
  • more potassium than bananas
  • protect against heart disease, stroke, cancer, and respiratory disease.
  • reduce formation of spontaneous blood cots
  • lowering LDL cholesterol
  • reduce blood pressure
In Chinese medicine it’s used to accelerate the healing of wounds and sores.

5. Spinach
  • protect against eye disease and vision loss
  • good for brain function
  • guards against colon, prostate, and breast cancers
  • protect against heart disease, stroke and dementia
  • lowers blood pressure
  • great for bone health

6. Onion
  • contain potent cancer-fighting enzymes
  • lower the risk of prostate and esophageal cancer
  • reduced mortality from coronary heart disease
  • protect against stomach cancer
  • contain sulfides; lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • contain peptine; help prevent bone loss
  • contain quercetin; reduces airway inflammation and helps relieve symptoms of allergies, and hay fever

7. Carrots
  • great source of the potent antioxidants; caratenoids
  • decreased risk in postmenopausal breast cancer
  • reduced risk of lung cancer (1 carrot per day)
  • reduce risk of kidney and ovarian cancer
  • contains alpha-carotene; inhibit tumor growth
  • promote eye health
  • prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.
In Chinese medicine, carrots are used to treat rheumatism, kidney stones, tumors, indigestion, diarrhea, night blindness, eas=r infections, earaches, deafness, skin lessions, urinary tract infections, coughs, and constipation.

8. Cabbage
  • fight free radicals before it damage DNA
  • stimulate enzymes that detoxify carcinogens in the body
  • reduce risk of cancer more effective than any other plant food group
  • build strong bones
  • dampens allergic reactions
  • reduce inflammation
  • healing peptic ulcers
In Chinese medicine, cabbage is used to treat constipation, the common cold, whooping cough, depression and irritability, and also stomach ulcers.

9. Broccoli
  • fight cancer by neutralizing carcinogens and accelerating their elimination from the body
  • inhibit tumors
  • prevent lung and esphageal cancers
  • reduce heart disease risk.
In Chinese medicine, broccoli is used to treat eye inflammation.

Stay healthy from beautifuldisguise ;)

LOVE + SEX : 10 signs u r falling in LOVE

Love = a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. (as 4 parent, child or friend)

But, here I would like to discuss falling in love for the opposite sex. (xsurela untk same sex.. hee). I’m sure every1 knows what is love whether u experinced it or not. It is a beautiful feeling. U don’t have to act on your lovey-dovey feelings. Crushes are likely to pass, so try not to be too vexed (dont make it such a problem) if you or the object of your affection( the person) is unavailable n if one of the things below is happening to U, just try to enjoy it.


10 signs you’re falling in LOVE

1. You forget to eat.

Could be a cliché for most people but it brings a meaning beyond the sentence itself. Forgetting to eat means you are not only distracted by the thought of that person, but it also shows that you want that person more than you want food.

2. You catch yourself smiling.

A little love that begins to grow in your system can surprise all the normal routine so much; it makes you helpless but to smile. You are in a state of confusion because half of you feel so good, and the other half is because you are laughing at yourself. ;)

3. You can’t look at the person.

In a matter of time, it’s almost impossible to have a nice and simple conversation with that person, because your heart is beating like crazy and you can’t afford to utter a word but to smile. You cannot conduct a simple rule in direct communication which is the eye to eye contact. You are afraid if you look at him in the eye, he will be able to tell your heart is screaming for him from inside. If you are a girl, never ever let he know that you like him, unless he’s showing his sign.

4. You think about him when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

Never try to deny the fact that you yourself start wondering which colour of what shirt look better on you when you wear it. After you are finish with the cloth, a little more effort is needed into your hair and maybe a bit of perfume could compliment your appearance on that morning. Am I right? It’s ok if you do so!

5. You realize you miss him when they’re not around.

You see him everyday, at your office or class. He is the object of your affection that gives extra motivation for you to be there. One day, he is not there due to his own reason that you do not know; you’ll feel like your whole day was wasted and you’re already looking forward for the next day.

6. You get jealous about odd things.

You find out that he catch a movie last night and your ears turn red as well as the illusive swelling on your face. Who did he go with? Why you are not invited? This sort of questions punching on your thought marks your jealousy and rage within yourself.

7. You’ve pictured what your children would look like.

Oopps.. (It brings no harm anyway)

8. People say you’re glowing.

If laughter is the best medicine, love is the stimulant. From love, you get laughter. The feeling of being in love is both physical and chemical. Love can rejuvenate people and make us happy. It shows through your bright smile and the shine on your face.

9. You’ve suddenly become a different person.

Your friend notices the changes in you since you started to quit smoking for guys and the female started bringing cookies and brownies to share with the office or class. It could be none happier than to see the object of your obsession has noticed that. Even more, you keep your apartment neat and tidy in case he or she might come over with your other friends — these are definitely signs you are falling.

10. U can’t concentrate on work.

Maybe even as you’re reading this article, you suddenly glance at the clock on your screen and realizes that half an hour has gone by; thinking, imagining and smiling at yourself for all the signs that we had mentioned is exceptionally true. That’s because you are daydreaming and you’re so much in love!

bEst 0F LucK in ur L0ve!!!

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