Table Manner

The way you eat and behave at the table is important, it shows your behavior. Here are 9 butler's tips for impeccable manner. Check this!!

1. Let your food cool on its own accord - don't blow it

2. Don't spit unwanted food into your napkin- remove it with your fork and place it on the side of your plate.

3. Never talk with your mouth full - it shows bad attitude.

4. Don't hold your knife poised as if ready to sign a cheque, and don't point with any of your cutlery.

5. A napkin is there to protect your clothes - use it to dab the corners of our mouth but never to polish your teeth.

6. Never cut bread or bread rolls. Break the bread with your fingers and butter a small piece at a time. Breakfast toast is the only exception.

7. Be careful not to insult your host by adding salt before you have tasted your food.

8. When you've finished eating, place your knife and fork or spoon and fork together, vertically. Leave your plate where it is- never push it away from you.

9. Don't get drunk- you'll look absurd

Stay beautiful with beautifuldisguise ;)

Italy eliminated frow WC with 3-2 loss by Slovakia

Slovakia sends defending champs home. Today saw a great game in 2010 WC group F match between Slovakia and Italy at Ellis Park Stadium, and you should definitely watch their game highlight online if you want to see a good match! It was certainly non-stop action!! click here to watch the highlight.

Slovakia striker Robert Vittek scored after 25 and 73 minutes and Kamil Kopunek added a third in the 89th for the WC debutants at a stunned Ellis Park, where Italians flags stopped waving almost from the start.

Antonio Di Natale and Fabio Quagliarella scored late on for Italy but the group favorites were always chasing the game. However, it was too late.

Slovakia's win put through to the second round as Group F runners-up to Paraguay who drew 0-0 with NZ. Italy finished bottom of the section with just two points.

Miswawa was very frustrated... huuuuu... ;(

Prevent Aging Skin Early

With the ozone layer growing weaker by the day allowing the suns UV rays to reach us quicker than ever, the need for sun care and anti aging products has definitely increased as well as our understanding of what our environment can do to our skin and bodies. We all know the importance of using cream with good ingredients for our face, neck and the rest of our body, but the question still remains when is the right time to start being proactive against our aging skin.

The answer is very simple and straight to the point, it is never too early to start. Take for example a company by the name Dermajuv. They offer products that combined the fighting of daily bacteria with the preventative treatment of an anti aging product. Dermajuv offers acne fighting treatments that contain ingredients that kill acne as well as regenerate damaged skin. They offer a neck cream that not only helps with tightening up loose skin but also moisturizers and nourishes the skin. Actually, the Dermajuv neck cream is probably one of their best products in the realm of preventative care.

The reason I say this about Dermajuv neck cream is due to the ingredients that are present in the product. Sesaflash (a gentle tightening agent), Hyaluronic Acid (our bodies natural moisturizer), and Stem Cells (a cell copier for a doubling effect on healing) are among the great neck cream ingredients, that if used at an early age, can cause for a life time of great skin.

This is due to the fact as we age, the natural processes and cells in our bodies that keep our skin young and smooth start to die away due to our daily exposure to the outside world. This leaves wrinkles, lines and extra skin on our face letting us know that our body has finally started to slow down. So, if we start using neck cream like the Dermajuv neck cream at a younger age, we are doubling up on our natural processes and cells giving our body an easier time keeping us youthful. By using a neck cream with the ingredients like Dermajuv neck cream, you are giving an extra hand in handling the environmental elements that age your skin quicker.

By helping your body out sooner, you are giving yourself a lot more time of enjoying a youthful complexion. So, before it becomes too late, and your skin is already to damaged for you to help it bounce back, start using products like Dermajuv line. Mixing daily cleansing ingredients with the right anti aging ingredients to prolong your skin is the way all skincare product should be. Dermajuv neck creams and other Dermajuv products are good example of a company with the right products for the right time. Just do not wait too long to start. Your body will thank you.

Effect & Consequences of Smoking

Click here to watch this video.

As I watch this video I keep on asking myself, Why did this happen? If this incident is ignored as if nothing happen, I can't even picture what future was like. Let's stop it while we still can.

Many nations including Malaysia have emphasized a lot on to stop smoking. But in spite of that people still continue to smoke. (even if government raise the price, they still buy it!! hmm..) This is because they are addicted to it and are not able to get rid of it. But if they think they can, they surely can get rid of the smoking habits.

Before seeing the tips to avoid smoking let us just have a look over the consequences or the symptoms that arises in the human body due to continuous smoking. In the present days, because of smoking one can experience that he or she devoid of taste and smell. Their tongue goes tasteless due to the deposition of nicotine pigments in the taste buds present in the tongue. This occurs during the early stages of smoking.

Then next, the region below the nails of their fingers becomes blackish due to settling of the smaller amounts of nicotine that gets passed to the parts of the body through the blood. Also the lips become black due to smoking.

Then the part below eyes becomes blackish in color due to continuous smoking. These are some of the external factors that are seen physically. But when taken the internal organs into account the damage and effect that is caused is very unimaginable. It creates drastic effect in the body. The internal organs get affected but the consequences are faced and experienced in the later stages of the smoker's life. Some of them are that is results in emphysema and other lung related disorders. Many already know that it induces cancer. But the disorders that many still don't know that smoking causes genetic disorders. It may be shocking and weird to know this. But it is the fact and it has been proved too.

Smoking alters and affects the DNA material of the human body thus affecting the future generation of the individual. This is alarming to know about this. Hence for this at least one should think to stop smoking, but how?

Here are few tips to stop smoking.

1. Take long walks whenever possible and try breathing the fresh air.

2. There is nothing better than meditation. This meditation is to relax ones mind and body from stress and tension. (cause smokers tend to smoke more when they are stress). Hence often do meditation to control the habit of smoking.

3. Attend counseling sessions to create an aversion towards smoking. This is done only by the diversion of mind.

4. Take in regular amount of fluid items to wash of the poison in the body that is caused due to the deposition of the nicotine in the body. (avoid to smoke after eat)

5. Try having a chewing gum or a pepper mint. This may also change the habit of a person.

6. Keep yourself regularly engaged in some work or the other so that your mind does not think and wander to have a cigarette.

Thus, do these simple steps to create an aversion for yourself. For kids, parents are the one who can force them.. they are still kids if you forcing them or not letting them get the cigarette you might be able to stop them.. better late than never..


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