Serious Environmental Concerns

- Depletion of the ozone layer

- Exploitation of the water resources

- Industrial waste management

An appeal is made to the world leaders and dignitaries of socio-economic, political, environmental, health, business and inter faith field to discuss global issues in an international platform. Ozone layer which is highly important to life is getting affected. They are essential for the absorption of biologically harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiations from the sun. If this ozone depleted what is going to happen of the UV radiations? These harmful radiations will reach the earth and cause fatal effects on the living creatures.

Global warming has brought about a sudden rise in temperature. As a result there is famine, heat waves, drought and deluge. Rapid change in weather conditions has also led to the extinction of species. It may bring an end to he whole world. If it increases at this rate leading to the melting down of glacier. One needs an international platform which provides a frame work for discussion. Arrive at a solution after having shared your thoughts and opinions around the international issues affecting mankind and other living creatures.

Young leaders must make their voices heard in an international arena!

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