LOVE + SEX : 10 signs u r falling in LOVE

Love = a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. (as 4 parent, child or friend)

But, here I would like to discuss falling in love for the opposite sex. (xsurela untk same sex.. hee). I’m sure every1 knows what is love whether u experinced it or not. It is a beautiful feeling. U don’t have to act on your lovey-dovey feelings. Crushes are likely to pass, so try not to be too vexed (dont make it such a problem) if you or the object of your affection( the person) is unavailable n if one of the things below is happening to U, just try to enjoy it.


10 signs you’re falling in LOVE

1. You forget to eat.

Could be a cliché for most people but it brings a meaning beyond the sentence itself. Forgetting to eat means you are not only distracted by the thought of that person, but it also shows that you want that person more than you want food.

2. You catch yourself smiling.

A little love that begins to grow in your system can surprise all the normal routine so much; it makes you helpless but to smile. You are in a state of confusion because half of you feel so good, and the other half is because you are laughing at yourself. ;)

3. You can’t look at the person.

In a matter of time, it’s almost impossible to have a nice and simple conversation with that person, because your heart is beating like crazy and you can’t afford to utter a word but to smile. You cannot conduct a simple rule in direct communication which is the eye to eye contact. You are afraid if you look at him in the eye, he will be able to tell your heart is screaming for him from inside. If you are a girl, never ever let he know that you like him, unless he’s showing his sign.

4. You think about him when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

Never try to deny the fact that you yourself start wondering which colour of what shirt look better on you when you wear it. After you are finish with the cloth, a little more effort is needed into your hair and maybe a bit of perfume could compliment your appearance on that morning. Am I right? It’s ok if you do so!

5. You realize you miss him when they’re not around.

You see him everyday, at your office or class. He is the object of your affection that gives extra motivation for you to be there. One day, he is not there due to his own reason that you do not know; you’ll feel like your whole day was wasted and you’re already looking forward for the next day.

6. You get jealous about odd things.

You find out that he catch a movie last night and your ears turn red as well as the illusive swelling on your face. Who did he go with? Why you are not invited? This sort of questions punching on your thought marks your jealousy and rage within yourself.

7. You’ve pictured what your children would look like.

Oopps.. (It brings no harm anyway)

8. People say you’re glowing.

If laughter is the best medicine, love is the stimulant. From love, you get laughter. The feeling of being in love is both physical and chemical. Love can rejuvenate people and make us happy. It shows through your bright smile and the shine on your face.

9. You’ve suddenly become a different person.

Your friend notices the changes in you since you started to quit smoking for guys and the female started bringing cookies and brownies to share with the office or class. It could be none happier than to see the object of your obsession has noticed that. Even more, you keep your apartment neat and tidy in case he or she might come over with your other friends — these are definitely signs you are falling.

10. U can’t concentrate on work.

Maybe even as you’re reading this article, you suddenly glance at the clock on your screen and realizes that half an hour has gone by; thinking, imagining and smiling at yourself for all the signs that we had mentioned is exceptionally true. That’s because you are daydreaming and you’re so much in love!

bEst 0F LucK in ur L0ve!!!

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