Portugal crushed Korea DPR (7-0)

Portugal crushes Korea DPR 7-0, the highest number of goals scored at 2010 FIFA WC. Meireles, Liedson, Tiago, Almeida, Simao, and Christiano Ronaldo goals crushed Korea DPR defense.

Just like a scoring machine Portugal scores against Korea DPR just now at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town. The crowd was thoroughly entertained as Portugal scored 7 goals (including me at home.. haha!!); 1 goal in the 1st half and 6 goals in the 2nd half, which makes them as the first team to get the highest number of goals earned in the 2010 WC.

Here, I've attached link for all goals & highlight.
Click here to watch.

Hangi Maori Earth Oven

What is Hangi?
A Hangi is the traditional New Zealand Maori way of steaming food underground. The technique originated from early Maori settlers and is still practiced today because of the unique flavor it gives to the food. The way that a Hangi is prepared is truly unique. The whole process can literally take a whole day to complete. This article briefly explains exactly how a Hangi is prepared in the traditional way.

There is absolutely NO taste similar to a Hangi anywhere in the World. Hangi food is steamed underground. That's right, the food is actually buried in the ground as part of the steaming process.

If you ever visit New Zealand, experiencing a Hangi is an absolute MUST DO. You can't truly say that you've been to New Zealand if you haven't eaten a Hangi.

Here's how it's done:

1. Special volcanic stones are loated as a source of heat to cook the food. Normal stones won't generally do the job because they can shatter or crack during the heating process. Finding the right classification of rocks for this job is absolute crucial to the successful outcome of ANY Hangi.

2.These stones are placed in a fire and heated for quite a few hours until they are white hot. The wood used can alter the taste of the Hangi for good or bad. Natural wood is best there are few special types which give a lonely smoky taste. On the other hand, treated timber or chemicals in the wood can make you sick or poison your Hangi.

3. Dig a Hangi Pit.

4. Fill your Hangi basket with a combination of raw, but thoroughly defrosted, meat, vegetables, stuffing and 1-2 steamed puddings. Hangi baskets are usually constructed of wire or manner for optimum cooking.

5. Transfer the hot stones into the hole. This job requires speed and skill. It takes place near a hot fire and is the most crucial step. Once this transfer has occurred, quickly put the basket on top of the hot stone.

6. Drape the basket with moist sacking cloth.

7. Use shovels to cover the Hangi again with earth until there is no steam escaping.

8. Wait 2-3 hours and dig up the Hangi and 'Hey Presto', you've just cooked your very own Hangi!

Hangi food is typically served as a communal buffet. The food is spread out on a table and people usually help themselves as they please Good Hangi accompaniments include Fried Bread or Rewena Bread (Traditional Maori bread).

There is a lot more specific information you need to prepare Hangi Maori which you can learn when you are there. Don't forget to try this when you visit New Zealand k!!! ;)
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