HEALTHY LIVING : lose 4.5 kg in a week

You want to lose 4.5 kg in a week? is that possible?? Doing the traditional way will certainly killed you off as most people would not want to commit themselves to gym everyday and watch every meal they eat so as to keep the extra calorie at bay. You can actually save time and avoid boring exercise routine by following this simple program.

These Are The Stuff You Need to Eat For The Week to Lose 4.5 kg in a Week!

1. No deep fried food allowed.(oily food!! aah.. no no)

2. Breakfast must be eaten to jump start your metabolism.

3. A fresh glass of 250ml grapefruit juice is best drank during breakfast time to speed up your metabolism.(or you can drink any kind of juice)

4. Take 5-7 smaller meals instead of 3 main meals.

5. Do not eat anything after 9pm. All the stuff you eat after dark will get stored as fat.

Critical Steps That Will Help You to Lose 4.5 kg in a Week!

6. Sleep at least 8 full hours every night. Not enough sleep will contribute to weight gain according to recent studies.

7. Go for colon or body cleanse for one week. This will help you to get rid of the extra fat in the colon and removed the harmful toxins that cause the storage of unwanted fat in your body.

The True Benefits of Eating Grapes For Detoxification Purpose:

• Deeply removed all the toxic stuff in your colon that is hard to get rid off with normal diet

• Never feel bloated again.

• A refresh and burst of new energy. Ready to go feeling.

• Many famous celebrities and Hollywood stars have been using these simple and yet effective formula for decades to lose 4.5kg in a week!

so, let's do it!! try it and dont forget to leave your comment too!!!

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