FUN : Laugh ! :)

It's the best medicine!! Let me treat all of U.. hee

1. I don’t know why cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon. (hahahah)

2. A young boy walks into the room carrying an armchair under an arm and a sofa under the other. “ Where did U get that?” asks his father. “From a man in the park,” says the little boy. “What have I been telling about taking suites from strangers?”

3. Three tradesman are arguing about the world’s oldest trade. “We built the pyramids, which are very ancient, so ours is the oldest trade,” says the stonesmason. “Nonsense,” retorts the carpenter. “Noah’s ark, the most notable creation of our trade, was built long before the pyramids.” “Without a doubts ours is the most ancient trade,” declares the electrician. “When the God said ‘Let there be light!’, we had already laid the cables.”

4. Mars, Galaxy, Milky Way – why do astronomers have this obsession with chocolate?

5. “I am going home to my mother!” threatens the young wife. “Go ahead!” snaps the husband. “ But I am coming back with her,” states the woman triumphantly.

6. A man died after being struck by lightning Puzzle, the doctor examining the body asked the police officer, “Why is he smiling?” The police officer replied, “Oh, he thought that someone was snapping his picture.”

Hahaha!!! I’ll be back with more laughable jokes!! ;)

Happy always, specially brought to U by beautifuldisguise.

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